Types of Individuals You Can’t Help

imagesWe all want to lend a helping hand to those people in need, especially if it is between life and death. But our passion to help will be futile if the recipient is not willing to cooperate. Because like it or not, they had been given an important gift from God above, and that is free-will. They have all the power to say yes or no to whatever you want them to do.

Here are the types of individuals you can’t help:

1. You are my problem.– We help a person, because he has a problem to solve. But if you are his/her problem then it would just then magnify the current situation. It is therefore a must to understand or know first the nature of any problem. Like any Basic Life Support teaching, always survey the area first before going on a rescue. You would not call for additional fire to put off a fire. Would you?

If you are placing a person under disciplinary actions, the initial response of the person who had received the said act is resistance. Sometimes, in his young mind he would see the one disciplining as the major problem. Remember, when we were still youngsters? We consider our parents as a humongous hindrance to our happiness, right?

2. I don’t want help!– God made us so powerful, that He gave free will as a gift to the entire human race. Imagine, helping a person who doesn’t need your help. Will it create a harmonious working atmosphere? Will you be able to work hand in hand, to achieve a common goal? Of course not!  How can you help a person eat red hot chill pepper if he doesn’t even want the sight of which?  Will you teach a man swimming if what he wants is to conquer Mount Everest?

3. “I am not the problem, they are”– There are always attitude problems that need to be solved. Greater resistance is expected if the individual that you are dealing with doesn’t even know that he is the problem. And if he knows it already and won’t accept that he is the problem, then it is useless to repeatedly force the idea of help to him.


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