SuccessWe may have been existing for a decade or two, and by those years of existence we define success with reference to what we had and have been experiencing. Occasionally some would define it by simply finishing and attaining bachelors or a doctoral degree. While others would just correlate success by just having something on the table for the whole three meals in a day. Regardless of how we see it, we can clearly conclude that from one to the other, the by-product or result of every pursuit of human kind to success is happiness. And by this alone we can draw out a conclusive statement, “all of us want success”. Anyway, who would want to live a losing life?

Just as any other food we consume, each success has an expiry date. That is why, every person here on earth would labor endlessly just to make one appear again and again. Let us not deny the fact that the exhilirating feeling of finishing something is addictve. In business, if we find that a certain good is easily sold in a short period of time, we increase the stock of which in our stockroom right? In our school, getting high or passing grades stimulates us to work hard.

Biologically, our body would respond faster on something that would give our body pleasure. Whether it is short-lived or long-lived is not entirely important. As long as our body can have it, then so be it.


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