Perfection Under Construction

Under-Construction5We always want perfection out of everything we have, especially within the context of relationships. But guess what? Perfection is never seen here on earth. Why? Because God made us imperfect so that the only being to whom we could seek perfection is Him. In Him, everything is perfect. No matter where we look at, we can never see perfection, even in human beings, much more in all earthly relationships we have or about to have. So if you are trying to find a perfect person, marriage, friendship, parent and etc-good luck, you’ll find yourself disappointed.

Instead of looking for perfection, why not look for someone or a relationship that God is molding towards perfection (God-centered relationship). Take heart, it wont be easy, but rewarding in a sense. Always have this in mind, the road to which perfection leads is under construction. In every construction area, we find debris that is not pleasing to look at. Not to mention those wires and cables that seem topsy-turvy. But hey! Those are needed to build a great road. Always have hope and faith that God will use those “not pleasing to look at debris”, “ topsy-turvy wires”, to put together a never before seen masterpiece. Would you want to see a masterpiece? Then wait.

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