Love Tanks, Everyone?

love_tankOne of the greatest problems that the entire human race is facing is the need to love and be loved. Why? Because all of us has a love tank that needs to be filled everyday. But looking for someone or something here on earth that would fill that tank is difficult, or better yet futile. For no one can fill it at once, because we are either a certain percent full or, half empty. The idea therein, is all of us even needs filling from someone who is not from this earth. Someone who is by nature infinitely full. That “someone” is God. Stop trying to feel that we are all sufficient in filling each others emptiness. Let’s go back and learn from the real author of love.

God wants us to feel that we are all needy and helpless without Him. That He alone can fill us. Don’t look far and wide in search for love, just flex your neck and you’ll see.


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