Would an All-Good God Give Suffering?

human_sufferingChristians as we are, we have lived by the principle that God is an all-good God. And by virtue of the definition of goodness, we expect that He would not allow something tragic to befall us. But would it defy His being all-good God if he does really allow even one to surface?

For the past years, aged and not-so aged Christians would claim, that God would not allow his children to suffer. Then does it mean, when we commit a sin, God will forego the corresponding punishment? If it were so, would it question His being all good God?

Second, how about those who are so obedient to God, but suffered so many adversaries in life? Would we believe that they had been trully obedient or would we force the idea, that in some way or another, they had sinned?

Above are some premises that had been logically presented. These,I think are some of the most controversial questions that humanity is facing.

By God’s grace, this is what I do think:

Can we all go back to the life of Job (character in the Bible)? Reading the whole book would be nice.

Job’s friends surely believed that God is an all good God. That is, he is fair in giving all his judgement while keeping a great composure of love. All the arguments that they had presented seems legit to me, except one. They claimed, that God would not allow suffering to befall on an innocent man, like Job. Why? Because human as we are, we don’t accept any innocence in a man. We tend to reject all innocence in a man, knowing that all humans have sinful tendencies.

All of Job’s friends believed on the theory that all good people prosper and bad people suffer; therefore suffering must convey some hidden sin. A pool of lies and allegations were thrown to Job, but by God’s grace he responded well to them, saying; “You however smear me with lies; you are worthless physicians, all of you!”

Suffering doesn’t always come as a direct product of a sin. It is widely known that the Bible supports a world renown idea that “a man reaps what he sows”.  But we don’t have all the right to apply that general principle to a specific person.Read the final verdict of God to the idea presented by Job’s friends in Job 42:7, you would be amazed on how God defended Job.

Well to give you some biblical characters in the bible that were considered innocent but suffered great deal of sufferings; 1st Abel, and 2nd Uriah.

Above all Jesus Christ himself proved in John 9: 1-12 that neither the blind man nor his parents sinned. For He said in v. 3 “Neither this man nor his parents sinned”, but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life”.

Why do we always see God, as an all good God who won’t give suffering as a gift? Sometimes we forget that God is our father, and within its context, wouldn’t he discipline those he loves? And who does He love? His children right?


4 thoughts on “Would an All-Good God Give Suffering?

  1. You truly are a man of few but concise words kuya Jai.. ^_^
    I appreciated how you answered the question that gets commonly asked by people: If God is sovereign and good, why does He allow bad things to happen?
    Good point, you have there. There is no innocence in man. It is our tendency to sin. And just as a Father who loves His child, He also has to discipline us because He loves us that much. But what about the things beyond our control? Like typhoons or such that kills thousands or probably millions of people? I also agree with what you said that God gives suffering as a gift. I definitely agree. Like when Jesus, confronted with a life-threatening storm said to the wind, “Peace and be still.” And the wind obeyed and stopped. He could’ve “not” allowed those things to happen but it did. Things happen because He allows it to happen.

  2. Furthermore, if compared to this present generation wherein no one is considered blameless, I realized that God is sovereign and good because He gave us free will which is His ultimate gift. He created Adam and Eve but didn’t really “programmed” them like clones. Instead, He gave them a choice. To obey or not to obey. And they chose to disobey. Which eventually led to the fall of man. That’s where it all begins–our free will. We chose to not take care of nature so where does it lead? Storms and such. So in fact, it is all but a product of our will to sin. And we cannot blame God about it.

    🙂 thank u for the post, kuya Jai.. Truly, I have learned a lot. To God be the glory jud, always.. ^_^

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