Battle On Bended Knees

kneeling in prayer

A logical explanation is expressed in a statement by PT Forsythe which says “Prayer is to faith what research is to science.”

Research is an important component of science. According to Merriam Webster, “research” is careful or diligent search. A search for something that is lost for a time being. It may take a lifetime to find all that was lost. But what is more important is that, to every lost item recovered, we always say “eureka”, an expression of marvel. Our Christian faith also has prayer to what it seem research to science. Through prayer, we know that something within us is lacking. That is why, through prayer we receive Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. Moreover, it keeps us grounded to the child-like humility that we ought to have, every time we come to God. This important activity would allow us to say “eureka”, I found it! I found God! It may seem absurd, that every soul would say the preceding. It is as if God was lost. Now, like research to science would produce a discovery, prayer would allow us to discover something that will blow us away. God was never lost, we were.

There would come a time, when all things yet to be discovered would be found. When? Kairos! In God’s perfect time!

There is a sad truth within the realms of discovery. Not all wants to do research. But all wants to find something. Ask everyone, if he wants to find and own a gold bar, you’ll see that everyone would raise their hands. But going on to some expedition is another story. Why? Because it is a tiring activity, it will consume one’s time, effort and strength. In short it takes  discipline and strenuous training to find something that we always want to have or find. And mind you, not all wants to be disciplined or trained. Ask them, between ROTC and sleeping, if prayer is like any physical exercise, then the more you do it (lifestyle), the more you expose yourself to attaining a well fit body. You get bulky when you flex your muscle right? And a well fit body is what all of us would desire, right? That is why, when you exercise your body (body as a whole: the church), it leads to growth, maturity and some other healthful products. It releases disgusting by products of our day to day existence.what they would prefer more in doing. Yeah! Not all wants to be disciplined and be trained. But all wants to have the taste of the fruits.

Prayer or prayer and fasting is a form of a spiritual discipline. It is a discipline, because it is something that would place as to Christ’s shoes, a true disciple of God. Praying is something that even Christ would not take for granted, He would even slip out the crowd even in the midst of a tiring day, just to be with God, to pray (Luke 5:15-16). In addition to that, amidst of his suffering when being treated as a slave on the process of crucifixion, he prayed, even until His last breath, He committed it to God. Consequently, it will place us directly to His commanding grace, thereby causing transformation to our lives. It is an intentional activity that would result to an authentic spiritual growth. It is an activity that would make us submissive to his will, being dependent to everything that He would say.

Let us grow on bended knees.


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